Campbell Property Management has been retained by the Board of Directors of our Association, effective August 1, 2018, to manage the daily maintenance operations and fiscal operations of our Association.  As your property management company, their main purpose is to ensure the smooth operation of our Association.


The Campbell Team who will be working closely with our Board of Directors, handling day-to-day operations, performing ongoing maintenance duties, communicating with residents and executing Board decisions:

Patti Whelan, Property Manager


Campbell's Jupiter office is located at 401 Maplewood Drive, Suite 23, just South of Indiantown Road, in the Maplewood Center behind Home Depot. The office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.  For general questions and after-hour emergencies, please call (561) 203-7910 or email For questions about your Association account balance or payments, please email



The landscapers are on site Monday through Thursday every week. They will mow the Community in one day, and the other 3 days will be devoted to trim, weed, feed, fertilization, etc.

To purchase services, contact TONY: 561-972-1498
This is for services only.  Please do not call this number for complaints or problems. Contact if you have any issues with landscaping. 
Important Parking Notice
Parking Patrol will be monitoring the Community and issuing parking citations, which may result in your improperly parked vehicle being removed from the property.


Please avoid street parking when possible. Always use your garage and driveway first.  If you must park in the street, please follow the restrictions for safety’s sake.  Please inform your guests/service persons to also adhere to the following restrictions to avoid being cited:


Sidewalk side parking only on Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun.

Non-sidewalk side parking only on Tue-Thur-Sat.

Always park facing the flow of traffic.

Never park on the grass.


You DO NOT have to move your car to the other side of the street in the middle of the night.


For parking purposes, the next day begins at 9 A.M.  


EXAMPLE: Monday parking patrol begins Monday at 9 A.M. and Tuesday parking patrol begins on Tuesday at 9 A.M. This gives everyone plenty of time to move cars to the appropriate side of the street.


Parking opposite another car will prevent emergency vehicles from getting through!



Message from the Board of Directors


We all have different expectations of our neighbors. For some of us, a good neighbor is one who takes time for chats, or who helps with the chores when a neighbor is ill. For others, a good neighbor is one who leaves us alone.  Although we don’t agree on all of the fine points of neighborliness, we do tend to agree on certain basic standards that allow residents to enjoy their homes and property, preserve peace and quiet in our neighborhood, help maintain property values and prevent disputes among neighbors.                                                                                                            

Although we have instituted parking regulations in Bent Tree, there are still some residents who are not abiding by the rules, and therefore causing problems for their neighbors. Some of you continue to:

  • block the sidewalk with your car
  • park on the wrong side of the road
  • park on the grass
  • speed

Please help make Bent Tree safe for everyone by being responsible property owners.  Our guidelines and rules are consistent with the rights and needs of all residents, and are directed toward encouraging and maintaining positive neighbor relationships. Thank you

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